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Turin Zoo | First Immersive Bio Park Experience in Italy

Turin Zoo is a bio park offering a unique wildlife experience. It features immersive exhibits without barriers, encouraging direct contact between visitors and 80 different animal species while promoting animal conservation. A walking adventure, Turin Zoo tickets allows you to get close to animals in their natural habitats. 

Why Visit the Turin Zoo?

Visit the Turin Zoo
  • Encounters with wild animals: Unlike traditional zoos, Turin Zoo offers immersive experiences where visitors can view animals in expansive, habitat-specific environments without intrusive bars or cages.
  • Unique experience: With 12 habitats, 10 terrestrial and 2 aquatic – enjoy an adventure bridging two continents. Discover the biodiversity of our planet in the midst of over 300 animals and 80 species.
  • Talks by biologists: Enjoy over 20 interactive discussions by biologists who reveal fascinating facts about the zoo's animal species. Observe animals up close, experience this “cocktail” of two different habitats, and admire the park's conservation goals.
  • Education on animal conservation: Learn about the zoo's ongoing research and conservation projects focused on protecting rare & endangered species.

Why Should I Buy Turin Zoo Tickets Online?

Buying Turin Zoo tickets online offers numerous advantages:

  • Skip-the-line: Get priority access to the park, as the queues can get extensive. By purchasing these tickets in advance, you can bypass the snaking lines and save valuable time on your visit.
  • Guaranteed entry: Buying tickets online guarantees your entry to the park, as tickets can get sold out at the time of your visit.
  • Convenience: It is a hassle-free process to get these mobile tickets. Plus, you can raise disputes and get them solved almost immediately.

What to Do at the Turin Zoo?

zoo hippo

On the Malawi Beach with Hippos

Wear swimming costumes and get up close with friendly hippos. Meet Lisa, Ze Maria, and their cub Fillipo, housed in a large glass-walled tank. The pool for visitors slopes down into a model beach, Malawai, that mimics the shores of Lake Malawi with sun loungers and umbrellas. Perfect place to relax in the sun after swimming with hippos!

On Bolder Beach with Penguins

On Bolder Beach with Penguins

Visitors will find a reproduction of Boulders Beach in Cape Town, South Africa, one of the few places in the world where you can swim with penguins because not all of these cute feathers live in icy waters! You can see them swimming underwater through a large glass window and walking alongside them: there are 65 black-footed penguins in all.

In the Savannah of the Serengeti Park

In the Savannah of the Serengeti Park

At the zoo bio park, it is possible to climb onto a platform at giraffe height to really look them in the eye. Accompanied by a biologist, in small groups, you can also approach them from the ground to see how tall they are. In the zoo's Serengeti, there are also a couple of rhinoceroses, animals at risk of extinction due to indiscriminate hunting for the substances in their horn.

In an African Tented Camp

In an African Tented Camp

With Turin Zoo tickets, you can also experience a night in a tented camp in the savannah where you fall asleep and wake up hearing the cries of animals. The day begins with breakfast with the giraffes, a sunrise walk in the park, and an aperitif with the lions. Experience the thrill of finding yourself in a Madagascar safari, without having to leave Italy! 

Plan Your Visit to Turin Zoo

Getting There
opening hours at zoo

10 AM to 11 PM, Monday to Sunday

Best Time to Visit: Visit on weekdays as weekends can get crowded, during the morning hours if you plan on taking a dip in the pools.

By Bus

Address: Str. Piscina, 36, 10040 Cumiana TO, Italy

Find on Map


  • By Train: Board a Trenitalia for the Turin-Piscina section
    Nearest stop: Piscina di Pinerolo
    Book a shuttle service from the Piscina di Pinerolo station and reach Turin Zoo.
  • By Bus:  Board a Cavourese bus from Turin and Pinerolo
    Nearest stop: Turin Zoo
  • By Car: Take the Turin-Pinerolo ring road to the Piscina exit. From here follow the signs for Cumiana. After about 4 km you will arrive at the zoo.
    Parking facility: You will find large paid car parking facilities at a cost of €3, parking fees to be paid directly at the office. 
wheelchair at zoo
  • The entire park is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Prams & strollers are available.
  • Food & Lodge is available inside the Turin Zoopremise.
  • Dining options include a self-service cafeteria, snack bars, a picnic area, and a restaurant. 
kids at zoo
  • Wear comfortable shoes and a hat and sunscreen in summer.
  • Bring your kids, they’ll enjoy visiting this approachable zoo, with its engaging habitats
  • zoo hosts events and activities, and every day the program changes.
  • Pets (except assistance dogs) are not allowed
  • Littering inside the zoo’s premises is a punishable offense
refreshing cocktails

Dining Options inside Turin Zoo

  • Zula Food: Good for quick grab & bite, serves refreshing cocktails
  • Ombiasy Restaurant: Fine dining experience known for exotic gourmet dishes
  • Mizoli Grill: Continental-style food, mostly known for burgers and sandwiches

Dining Options Nearby

  • Trattoria La Sella: One of the best all-meat grill joints, 4 min away
  • Il Saltinbocca Pizzeria: Popular for pizzas and local Italian cuisine, 5 min away
stay near turin zoo

You’ll find lodging facilities inside the Turin Zoo that suit every budget:

  • Budget:
    Water Camp on the Jetty, Nature Camp
  • Mid-level:
    Datoga Camp, B&B Quatrro Gatti
  • Luxury:
    Villa Tribal House, Lodge Wild Adventure 
sacra of saint michel
  • Palazzina di Caccia di Stupinigi: The hunting lodge of Stupinigi, built for the Savoy family between 1729 and 1733, 20 min away
  • Castello Di Rivoli: An art museum, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, a former royal residence of Savoy, 26 min away
  • Sacra of Saint Michele: An architectural complex located on the summit of Mount Pirchiriano, 33 min away
  • Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile: One of the world's largest automobile museums, houses over 200 iconic cars from Europe & US, 29 min away
  • Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art: One of the oldest art museums in Italy, home to paintings, sculptures, installations, and drawings, 33 min away 

Frequently Asked Questions About Turin Zoo Tickets

How much do Turin Zoo tickets cost?

The starting price of Turin Zoo tickets is €20. This includes skip-the-line access to the bio park. Prices vary based on the additional tours or access like swimming pools.

How to book Turin Zoo tickets?

You can buy tickets to Turin Zoo online or at the venue. However, this booming bio park is bustling with tourists year-round. Hence, it is recommended to purchase tickets online, with this you can save time at the entrance and spend more time in the park.

What do Turin Zoo tickets include?

Your Turin Zoo tickets include priority entry into this immersive bio park, getting up close with animals in their natural habitat, taking pictures, and more.  

Can I get skip-the-line tickets to Turin Zoo?

Yes, you can purchase skip-the-line tickets online for €20. This will allow you to get past the long lines at the entrance and full access to this bio park.

Can I cancel Turin Zoo tickets?

No, unfortunately, Turin Zoo tickets cannot be canceled. However, you can use them anytime for a specific duration as mentioned when buying the tickets.

When is the best time to visit Turin Zoo?

The best time to visit Turin Zoo is on weekdays when there are fewer tourists. You can spend more time with the animals and also stay for the night at discounted rates.

What is the best way to reach Turin Zoo?

The best way to get to the bio park is by taking a Trenitalia from Turin. After getting off at Piscina di Pinerolo, you can book a shuttle to the zoo.

How much time does it take to tour Turin Zoo?

It depends on how you want to experience this diverse animal park. However, a complete tour of Turin Zoo will take around 7-8 hours (a day). So, drop in early!

Is it worth visiting Turin Zoo?

Yes, it is a must-see attraction on your bucket list. If you happen to be in Turin, visit this animal sanctuary and it’ll be worth your time & money.  

Is Turin Zoowheelchair accessible?

Yes, Turin Zoo is accessible on wheelchairs. Wheelchairs are available for rent from the venue. People with motor disabilities can bring their escorts, although the tickets need to be purchased separately.

Is photography allowed in Turin Zoo?

Yes, of course! Take as many memorable photographs with animals as possible. These snaps are to be cherished for days to come. However, using flash guns is strictly prohibited.

Is Turin Zoo safe for Kids?

Yes, absolutely! All the animals are taken care of by professionals who take extra measures in keeping them in the best possible manner. Moreover, you’ll have guides to navigate your kids through this animal kingdom. So, bring your kids, they’ll love it!

Is outside food allowed in the Turin Zoo?

Yes, you can bring outside food and enjoy your meal at picnic spots inside the bio park. However, feeding animals is strictly prohibited. Plus, bringing alcohol is not permitted inside the zoo.